Message from the Alumni Association President

Fellow Webb Alumni,

Welcome to the Webb School of Knoxville Alumni Association!

Last year, members of the Alumni Leadership Council met with Webb President Michael McBrien to discuss the role of alumni in the Webb community and ways to create a more interactive relationship with former students. Michael had experienced the positive impact that engaged alumni can have on a campus in his previous posts and was eager to increase that same type of connection at Webb. From this discussion, the Webb School of Knoxville Alumni Association was born.

This isn’t to say that alumni haven’t already been deeply involved in the activities of the school. There’s a large number of your fellow Webb classmates and friends who deserve thanks for their involvement. Whether it’s serving on the Alumni Council or Board of Trustees, helping to plan reunions, or coming back to campus to speak with students, so many of you have contributed to making Webb a special community. Webb School wouldn’t be where it is today without that support.

It’s clear, however, that schools like Webb, that are in the top tier of private institutions, very often have a highly active and engaged alumni association – one that not only coordinates reunions or keeps email lists up to date, but also draws their alumni back into the life of the school by fostering connections between alumni who are spread out around the world and are in many different fields. Recent alumni events in Nashville and New York have shown us that there’s a tremendous opportunity to bring the Webb community together in all parts of the country, and we look forward to planning more of these events in more places.

Above all, we’d simply like to get you involved. I think I am typical of many past Webb students in that I graduated, went off to school, and then started work. Early on, I had several different addresses in several different states. I changed jobs, got married, and Webb didn’t really pop up on my radar unless a reunion year rolled around. I didn’t really think about my involvement with Webb again until my children started to approach school age. It was then that I took a close look at everything positive that Webb had to offer, and the exceptional education that the school provides its students. Our hope is that the Webb School of Knoxville Alumni Association will help bridge that gap and keep you connected to the school and your fellow alumni in whatever stage of life you might be. We’d like to create more events, more opportunities for interaction, and keep you informed about the amazing things being done on campus and by your peers. It’s truly wonderful the impact that Webb alumni have on the world around us, and we’d like to celebrate that. To help us stay connected, we ask that you please go to www.webb-alumni.com/alumni-contact-information/ and update your contact information.

So please join us. You already belong! Check out our Instagram account, join our LinkedIn group, or visit Webb’s ever-evolving campus. Your involvement makes our school stronger, and we look forward to having you be a part of all of it.

Russ Powell ’87
President, Webb School of Knoxville Alumni Association

"Your teachers will try to teach you to build strong bodies . . . train your intelligence . . . give you a strong sense of values so you will always know right from wrong. They will try very hard to teach you how to study, and last, but not least, they will try to teach you how to think."